Currently St. Michael’s Drive is owned by the federal government and largely maintained by the New Mexico Department of Transportation.


Considering a zoning overlay or zoning changes to incentivize different uses for business, residential, parking and other applications can have a big impact.


Businesses on St. Michael’s need more cohesion and a bigger voice in how the street develops and attracts residents and visitors.


Small and mobile green space is a fast response with high quality-of-life impact


Mobile storefront units can give start-up retail and services businesses and economic boost and bring programmatic energy to St. Michael’s and other city spaces.


Investing in identity for the St. Michael’s Drive corridor will drive business, usage and perception


Current residents, businesses and middle school students overwhelmingly desire significant safety improvements.


Creating an ordinance that manages food trucks, retail pop-up and temporary use of vacant space can be a leverage point for economic development and vitality


Creative transportation solutions can have a small impact on City budget and be a boon to private business and tourism.